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Audioengine B1

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Bluetooth Music Receiver
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The best ?wireless? music path to your system comes in a tiny package that can be easily hidden.
The Audioengine B1 Bluetooth?receiver allows?high quality wireless?transmission from your smart phone, tablet, computer or TV to your music system.?Now that Bluetooth audio quality and range have been greatly improved, hundreds of devices are featuring Bluetooth and Bluetooth aptX and the list grows almost daily.
Easily stream audio?from your TV, computer or music services like Spotify, Pandora, Tidal or your own collection directly from your device to your system. Bluetooth is a point-to-point connection not relying on Wi-Fi, which can bog down when Internet traffic increases and make your media skip or pause.
The B1s ?one button? hook-up will have you and your friends listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite show in minutes.?
The?precision-tuned antenna?allows the range on the B1 is three times that of standard units. The advanced Bluetooth carrier is aptX, the very best sounding Bluetooth, so all of your music is transmitted and preserved at the highest quality.?The 24-bit DAC further enhances audio performance as it upsamples (fills in the gaps of) any audio signal it sees.
For very?high-end systems, the B1 even features an optical out in case you want to use another outboard DAC or an optical input on your home theater receiver.
These days, every system needs a good Bluetooth solution and the B1 will fit the bill in every way.
Upgrade to the new Audioengine Bluetooth standard now and breathe a new level of usability and fun into your audio system!
High-fidelity Bluetooth??with aptX?
Connects to?any system?via RCA or optical
Extended range of 100 feet,?through multiple walls
Built-in 24 bit, up-sampling DAC (AKM4396)

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