Audioengine S8 Premium Powered Subwoofer


Audioengine S8 Premium Powered Subwoofer

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Audioengine S8 Premium Powered Subwoofer Overview
Enjoy improved performance for music, TV and video with the S8 Premium Powered Subwoofer. The S8 is a seamless bass extension for Audioengine?s powered speakers. Featuring an incredibly compact size at only 11 inches square with an 8 inch custom woofer, the S8 is small enough to fit just about anywhere. Although small in size, the powerful home subwoofer offers superb bass performance that will enhance the sound of your home entertainment setup. The S8 includes an anti-resonant steel frame and robust rubber speaker surround for a precise low end. The subwoofer’s bottom-firing and front-ported layout provides fast and accurate bass with next to no distortion, even at higher volume. To put it simply, the S8 is a powerful, small and natural-sounding subwoofer. A furniture-grade finish and custom handcrafted wood cabinets are sure to make the Audioengine S8 a standout piece in your home entertainment setup.

Product Information

Product highlights250W peak power total (125W RMS), AES
Bottom-firing and single, front-ported design for quick, precise bass with low distortion1″ thick, internally braced MDF cabinets eliminate cabinet vibrationsSleek, custom-designed and handcrafted wood cabinets feature stylish high-gloss white or satin black finishes8″ custom long-throw downfiring woofer delivers high performance bassWireless-ready home subwoofer with built-in AC outlet for powering adapters such as the Audioengine W3 wireless audio adapter or Apple?s Airport Express?High power, Class D amplifier with dual-voltage switch and detachable power cordDual line-level inputs (1/8″ mini-jack and RCA connectors) are included on the rear panel for easy connectionsRear panel controls for Crossover, Phase, and Subwoofer Volume allow you to easily adjust output?Convenient auto-sleep power saving featureProduct Dimensions: 11.25″ H x 11.25″ W x 11.25″ DProduct weight: 30 lbs.Warranty: 1 Year – World Wide Stereo is an authorized dealer for?every brand we sellWorld Wide Stereo?60-day guarantee?and?expert product support
Unmatched Versatility
A premium woofer that easily connects to any entertainment setup, the Audioengine S8 Premium Powered Subwoofer performs each bass drop and kick drum at full power. Adjustable rear panel controls for Crossover, Phase and Subwoofer Volume let you to effortlessly tweak the S8 subwoofer’s output and blending with your speakers. These rear panel controls let you control the output precisely to your preference for deep, smooth base just the way you like it.With the versatility to connect to any system, the S8 pairs perfectly with wireless devices like the Audioengine?s own W3 or Apple?s AirPort Express. It can also easily connect to wired set-ups through the dual line-level inputs (1/8 inch and RCA). The S8 also features auto-sleep power saving mode that turns the woofer off when there?s no sound output.
Enhanced Wireless Capability
If you choose to position the Audioengine S8 in an area away from your powered speakers or surround sound AV receiver, you can still enjoy the same incredible audio experience with Audioengine?s own W3 wireless audio adapter or Apple?s Airport Express. The S8 also features an AC outlet on the rear panel that connects to any wall outlet.
High-Quality Build
Not only is the S8 offer a stunning complement to your home audio setup, it also features an 8 inch custom-designed, downfiring woofer for accurate bass with very little distortion, no matter how loud you play it. For even more protection, the S8?s woofer is enclosed in hand-made wood cabinets with thick, internally braced medium-density fiberboard (MDF), removing interrupting vibrations for total, thorough accuracy.Audioengine?s custom-crafted wood cabinets in high-gloss white or satin black finish make the S8 stand out among other homes subwoofers. Cabinets are crafted with durable one-inch, internally braced MDF to reduce cabinet vibrations, providing distortion-free, perfect response. The S8 provides you with an enhanced audio experience thanks to its premium materials and design that open up a new scope of sound.
Custom-Made Woofer
The S8 features an incredibly fast woofer intended for audio and home theater operation. Its design includes an anti-resonant steel frame as well as a durable rubber speaker surround for great low end. The bottom-firing and front-ported layout ensures you hear accurate, detailed bass with next to no distortion. Simply put, the S8 Premium Powered Subwoofer is a precise, detailed and accurate-sounding subwoofer from Audioengine. It is small enough to fit in a corner or subtly near furniture, while providing an incredible bass performance that will enhance your home entertainment setup.


Type: Powered subwoofer
Power output: 250W peak power total (125W RMS), AES
Amplifier type: Class D
Inputs: 1/8″ (3.5mm) mini-jack and RCA L/R
Outputs: 5V USB type-A charge port
Inputs voltages: 110-240V 50/60Hz auto-switching
Driver: 8″ long-throw down-firing woofer
Ports: Single, front
Signal-to-noise ratio: >95dB (typical A-weighted)
THD: <0.05% at all power settings Frequency response: 27Hz - 180Hz (+/- 1.5dB) Sensitivity: 88dB SPL (1w @ 1m) Input impedance: 10K ohms unbalanced Crossover frequency: 50Hz - 130Hz Phase: 0 / 180? Standby consumption: 8W Protection: Output current limiting, thermal over-temperature; power on/off transient protection Dimensions (H x W x D): 11.25" x 11.25" x 11.25" Weight: 30 lbs.


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