SVS Prime Wireless Powered Speaker System


SVS Prime Wireless Powered Speaker System

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SVS Prime Wireless Speaker System Overview In a few short years, SVS has established a reputation for speakers with superior sound, high value and design excellence. It?s no surprise the new SVS Prime Wireless Powered Speaker System puts performance paramount. The Prime Wireless system combines the convenience of over-the-air streaming and whole-house app control via DTS Play-Fi. Four powerful digital amplifiers and advanced speaker designs deliver the kind of acoustic presence that makes the entire SVS line a hit with reviewers and consumers alike. You get top-notch digital decoding of the highest resolution music files, Amazon Alexa voice control, optical and analog inputs for connection to your current equipment, a rear port and subwoofer output to shore up bass, a half-dozen front panel presets for your favorite tunes, channels, services or playlists, and direct connections with Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal and other major music services. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with aptX connect you to your phone or tablet, the Internet and your home network. And SVS promises the immersively musical experience that may be missing from other wireless whole-home audio systems that place convenience above performance, all at a more-than-competitive price point.

Product Information

Product highlights Two speakers (slave and master) for true stereoCompact cabinets with 4.5-inch woofer/midranges and 1-inch tweeters200 watts Class D digital power ? 50 watts directly to each woofer/mid and tweeterDigital crossover network for precision and low noiseFront-panel controls for source, volume, transport, and six presets for favorites.Connections for subwoofer out, optical digital, RCA and 3.5mm analog sourcesBuilt-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet in and outBluetooth with AAC and aptX for better-quality music streamingDTS Play-FI wireless whole-home audio ecosystemApp-based control (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows PC)High-resolution music files streamed and decoded up to 192kHz/24bitIntegrated online services including Napster, iHeart Radio, Deezer, Amazon Music, Pandora, Tidal and Spotify (may require subscriptions)Amazon Alexa voice control compatibleDimensions: 10.24″ high x 6.1″ wide x 7.21″ deep
Weight: 18.28 lbs.Warranty: 2 years ? World Wide Stereo is an authorized dealer for every brand we sellIncluded: World Wide Stereo 60-day guarantee and expert product support
Value to spare The Youngstown, Ohio-based SVS was founded on the proposition that an excellent, immersive audio experience doesn?t have to break your bank. The Prime Wireless system continues that tradition, with top-quality circuitry and components, superior acoustics and the cross-brand convenience of DTS Play-Fi wireless technology. Start with the sound The Prime Wireless system marries SVS?s 4.5-inch midrange/woofers and 1-inch tweeters ? in a real stereo pair, not a pseudo-single-cabinet solution ? with 200 powerful watts of digital amplification and a rear port for better bass. Each driver gets fed 50 watts, and SVS employs a full digital crossover for precise frequency control and minimal interference. It all results in a huge presentation from a pair of compact cabinets. Controls and connections Convenient controls on the front panel feature six easy-to-program presets, for fast access to favorite playlists, channels and sources, as well as play/pause, volume, and source selection. A status screen is built into the front panel as well. The back panel sports line-level jacks for stereo RCA or 3.5mm analog source and optical digital, as well as an output for a subwoofer, to create a full 2.1 sub-sat system that satisfies. (Of course, we recommend you start with SVS?s own offerings.) DTS Play-Fi convenience A multi-brand whole-home Wi-Fi-based audio ecosystem, DTS Play-Fi ties together equipment in every room of your home through a single, app-based interface (for iOS, Kindle Fire, Android, and Windows). You get easy connection to your own home network, integrated access to online music streaming services including Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Amazon Music, SiriusXM and Tidal, ease of set-up, and control of one or all Play-Fi devices from your phone or tablet. High-resolution music support The SVS Prime Wireless speaker system streams and decodes music in today?s high-resolution formats, for reproduction up to four times beyond CD quality ? up to 192kHz/24 bit, with a specially designed ?critical listening mode? ensuring lossless streaming at the highest fidelity. Bluetooth connectivity Besides Wi-Fi, you get Bluetooth with Qualcomm?s aptX and AAC coding, which is designed for high-fidelity streaming, so your phone or portable can be the key to your music collection.



24bit/192kHz DAC
200W amplifier
DTS Play-Fi technology
Bluetooth, optical, and aux inputs
Subwoofer output
Bluetooth with AAC and aptX
Works with Alexa
High-res streaming
Tweeter: 1″
Mid-woofer: 4.5″
Frequency response: 52Hz – 25kHz
Amplifier power: 200W
Dimensions (H x W x D): 10.24″ x 6.10″ x 7.21″
Weight: 18.28 lbs.


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