Atlantic Technology SA-180


Atlantic Technology SA-180

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Subwoofer Amplifier
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The SA-180 monoblock amplifier is the perfect companion to the 28 SUB. With 180 watts of rock-solid RMS power, a massive toroidal transformer, 12-volt trigger turn-on, and 3-position equalization switch, the SA-180 has all the right moves to make the 28 SUB perform at its best.
Monoblock?RMS Power: 180 watts, 4 ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio: <97dB full power Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.05% @ full output Low Level Input Sensitivity: 250mw full output, 100Hz High Level Input Impedance: 15K?Ohms Power Supply Storage: 9,400 mfd Toroid Transformer(s): 400 VA Peak Output Stage Current: 30 amps Net Weight: 14 lbs. Height: 2? 1.5-U (50mm) Width: 8.5? (215mm) Depth: 12.5" (320mm)?including knobs and rear terminals +Read More Description Specifications Color Height (inches) N/A Width (inches) N/A Depth (inches) N/A -Collapse Specification(s) Reviews WRITE A REVIEW


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