Usher Audio SW-520


Usher Audio SW-520

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Speaker Accessories in Black
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The SW-520 bass stands were designed as the perfect complement for the outstanding Usher S-520 mini monitors. They greatly increase the S-520s bass response while serving as matching speaker stands. Essentially, the SW-520 transform the S-520 monitors in to a full range three way loudspeaker with bass response down to 38Hz.
Hook up is simple. Your amplifier is connected to the SW-520s via speaker cables and the audio signal above 200Hz is crossed up to the S-520s via jumpers. This setup allows the S-520s to do what they do best, reproduce midrange and treble program material, and lets the SW-520s reproduce deep, defined bass.
Each bass stand includes a 7 inch carbon reinforced woofer and its own crossover circuitry. The cabinet has the same high quality finish as the S-520 along with two sets of solid brass speaker terminals. Cabinet construction is extremely dense and includes a cast iron bass plate to provide placement stability and resonance control. Each stand weighs in at a whopping 71 lbs and comes with solid brass spikes floor spikes.
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